March 16, 2016


The LezLink Podcast are produced, distributed or made available to the community through LezLink LLC. Here at LezLink LLC, we aim to create entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking content for the lesbian, bisexual, and queer women who love women community.

Podcast for Lesbians and women who love women, why is this important? 

While there are several podcasts out there dedicated to the lesbian experience (which several of them we love) , the LezLink Podcast Network currently focuses on providing listeners podcast with topics they can relate to and enjoy that discuss relationships, dating, mental health, and spiritual healing  just to name a few subjects our podcast focus on. These things are important because they are essentially what is important to us in order to maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Our podcast helps listeners grow, learn, and inspired to be healthier, better people and lovers.

All LezLink podcast are also available on iTunes! Just search for the name of the podcast or LezLink and they will pop up ready for you to subscribe to!


Current Podcast Available:


C.L.I.T. Consciously Learning Intimacy Together With Sapphic Roots





Soul Play With Hollis Gray 


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