November 14, 2016

LezLink Events

Ready to find love and meet more people?  Sign Up for our mailing list to receive special invites to LezLink Happy Hours, Meet Ups, and LezLink’s exclusive singles events where each event tailored and designed to bring those with a similar interest together.  We at LezLink focus on connecting singles through amazing and intimate face to face interactions.


What type of people can I expect to meet?

LezLink tends to attract a crowd that is socially aware, friendly, professional, fun loving, and diverse just to name a few characteristics. 

What time should I show up for the Event?

10 minutes before the start time of an event is suggested arrival time. Start times can be found in the event description and on invitations. 

How Many People Will I Meet?

LezLink events vary in size, anywhere from 10 – 40 singles register for or could be invited to any given event. 

IMPORTANT: As you know this is a service and as much as LezLink would love the ability to build or introduce you to your perfect partner within one week, we may not be able to accomplish that. We will, however,  provide quality introductions and events with like-minded individuals giving you the opportunity to meet someone special. Ideally, the outcome will be successful.  


What are some examples of events that the LezLink host? 

Speed Dating

If you are tired of the same old speed dating experience, You know the usual: What is your favorite color? What do you do for a living, etc? We have something new and exciting for you! Not Ya Mamma’s Speed Dating is a fun and interactive speed dating experience. If you are looking to have a great conversation with the possibility of meeting that someone new, this is an event to attend!

Silver, Gold, and Platinum members will have access to exclusive speed dating events.

LezLink Meet and Mingles

Often located at relaxed venues that feature delicious cocktails, LezLink Meet and Mingles are free events designed for you to come meet and mingle with LBTQ women singles.

LezLink Happy Hours

The LezLink Happy Hour is a safe space for LBTQ women who love women and want to meet new people! Hosted monthly, LezLink Happy Hours venture out to different locations each month to ensure a diverse happy hour experience for our guest.


Want to work on you, or learn more about dating on and offline more effectively? How about the importance of exercise and eating healthy and how it ties into dating, or even manifesting the partner you want? These are just a few examples of Workshops LezLink will be hosting in 2017! LezLink Singles Club members receive special discounts to LezLink workshops!

LezLink Singles Mixers

LezLink Singles Mixers are an experience that is unique in the LBTQ community. LezLink Singles Mixers are events, that if you a serious about meeting someone, you don’t want to miss! Event themes and set up periodically changes to keep things fresh and interesting.  Exclusive to LezLink Singles Club members.



Check Out LezLink’s Upcoming Events Here! 


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