June 8, 2016

C.L.I.T. Consciously Learning Intimacy Together



Without roots there is no trunk, without a trunk there are no branches, without branches, there are no leaves in which to bear the fruit of your labor. 

So remember, start with the root, you.”

-Sapphic Roots

Katrina Sanford, PsyD is a Clinical Psychologist and sex therapist practicing in Washington, DC and Maryland. A trauma-informed therapist, she works from a social justice integrated approach based on feminist theory and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, focused on the holistic treatment of individuals and couples. In addition, she emphasizes the inseparable connection between the mind and body.  

Sadiqua Iman is an interdisciplinary artist that challenges preconceived notions of marginalized identities through theater, dance, and poetry workshops and performances.  She works as a massage therapist and health coach in her private practice, What You Knead Massage & Wellness. She believes in holistic healing and that creative expression is an imperative part of that process.

Katrina and Sadiqua have been in a healthy, loving non-monogamous, once poly-amorous relationship since they met in Chicago 5 years ago, and have used their collective knowledge of psychology, energy work, communication techniques, and personal experiences to help others. Joining forces, they have launched a relationship counseling partnership called Sapphic Roots. This is the couple’s second collective venture, the first being their non-profit organization Earth Pearl Collective, Inc.


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