9 Life Lessons About Dating the Golden Girls Taught Us

9 Life Lessons About Dating the Golden Girls Taught Us


1.  Episode: ” Blind Date” 

In the Episode ” Blind Date, Blanche sets up a date with a man without realizing that he is blind. She  then mistakenly ghosted him because she thought, by him being blind, he wouldn’t be able to appreciate the best thing about her, which she thinks is her beauty.

Lesson Learned: Don’t block or curve your blessings. Love might not come to you in a familiar package. It’s also good to evaluate your wants, needs, and preferences to see if they are reasonable or not.




2. Episode: “Cheaters”

In this episode, Dorothy is dating a recently divorced guy that she had previously had an affair with many years before. He wants to rush into marriage because he is lonely and wants to be married and because convenience, not because he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with Dorothy.

Lesson Learned: Be mindful of your and your partner’s intentions.

3. Episode: “To Catch a Neighbor”

In ” To Catch a Neighbor” Two police officers stake out in the girls’ house to investigate their neighbors, who are suspected jewel thieves. A Crush develops between Dorothy and the older cop but ultimately comes to a halt when Dorothy realizes how much she really likes him but she knows and understands that his lifestyle is not something she can deal with.

Lesson Learned: Know what you want, recognize what isn’t good for you, and don’t be afraid to say no.




4. Episode: ” One Flew Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest”

After pretending to be in love, Dorothy and Blanche’s Uncle Lucus realize their true feelings and decide to get married.

Lessons Learned: True love comes from some of the unlikeliest places.




5. Episode: ” An Illegitimate Concern”

Blanche discovers that her husband cheated on her and had an illegitimate child. She eventually forgives both her dead husband and his legitimate child and moves on with her life.

Lessoned Learned: You have to let go to move forward.



6. Episode: ” Love me Tender”

In this episode, Dorothy is dating a short, bald man with whom she has nothing in common except for the fact that he is amazing in bed. And even though the lovemaking is mindblowing, she realizes that she isn’t mentally satisfied and has to break it off.

Lesson Learned: Great Sex is never enough.

7. Episode: ” Scared Straight”

In “Scared Straight” Blanche’s brother was so afraid of coming out he lied as said he slept with Rose. He later admits the truth after deciding he wanted to be free to live his life.

Lesson Learned: Live Your Truth, life gets better from there.



8. Episode:   ” Forgive Me, Father”



In ” Forgive Me , Father”  Dorothy meets a teacher that she is attracted to who turns out to be a priest. She then, after being convinced that there is some chemistry between them, assumes that he is leaving the church for her.

Lesson Learned: Always be upfront and honest and never assume.



9. Episode: ” My Brother, My Father”

In this episode, Dorothy and Sophia find out Angelo has lied about being a priest for years because of a promise he made to his and Sophia’s mother. However, he couldn’t keep his promise to their mother because on his way to seminary school he met his future wife and he couldn’t deny his attraction.

Lesson Learned: Follow your heart.




Do you have a favorite lesson that you learned from watching the Golden Girls? Let us know!!






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